10 Steps to Starting A Blog

Blogging has gained a great deal of popularity over the years as a source of entertainment. It has become a way to express personal thoughts, feelings, and observations about everything from fashion to famine. Some are started to share information and some are started to earn extra income. Although there can be struggles with finding the why behind a blog; there has been a greater demand for information on getting started with the process. Download these 10 Steps to Starting a Blog for more information on starting the process.

My first book, I Will Not Be Afraid, is a very personal one. This book takes you on a journey through some vulnerable experiences and emotions. You walk with me as I learn about myself, love, life, and pain. You also are with me as she embraces the gift that I once denied. You will see the transition from girl to woman. You will be connected. Everyone has a situation that they go through that can help someone else. That is what this book does. It provides insight, understanding, inspiration, and motivation to everyone that reads it.

The Book About Life: Class is in Session forces us to look within for answers to some of life's most complex situations. We all find ourselves at various crossroads that require us to make a decision. With every decision we have to be prepared to accept the consequences.

I point out five techniques that are used to keep people consumed with their problems.

I also discusses ways to combat those techniques in order to improve unity, reduce self-destruction, and promote positivity. This book reminds us that life is full of lessons and at some point we have to learn from our experiences.

The Powerless Magician: Rachael's Birthday Surprise is my first children's book.

Rachael and her friends have been waiting for the end of school since the school year began. This was the year that they were going to the 5th grade!

Who wouldn't be excited?

Rachael's birthday was approaching as well and the three friends were party ready.  This year Rachael turns 10 and her parents have a very special surprise for her.

One thing that Rachael, Princess, and PJ didn't know was what Rachael's surprise would be. When they find out;  Rachael, PJ, and Princess will be in for a magical adventure.

Heaven on Earth is the beginning of a series of quick read ebooks that I want to do following a young girl and her journey to change her life. The inspiration for this series comes from personal experiences and stories that I have heard over the years from various people.

Learn more about Heaven and how she far she has gone on her journey thus far.

The real shayizms Between Friends

Everyone has days when they could use a little encouragement. Sometimes friends and family are out of reach, and those are usually the times you need them most. When things are rough, a few of the right words may change the way the day flows. Between Friends is a quick reminder of how awesome you are and will give the boost you need to keep you going in the midst of adversity.

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