What are Shayizms?

Shayizms came about during a mental health counseling training course. My name is Shaquanda (pronounced Sha-kwan-da) but almost everyone calls me Shay. During our training session one day, a classmate referred to my sayings and statements as "Shayizms". Every time she would see me she would ask me for a new Shayizm and it began to spread.

Initially, I decided to share my thoughts, sayings, quotes, and statements through a blog. I maintained the blog for about 5 years and also operated a writing company during a portion of this time. I shifted the focus from the writing company and blog to other business ventures and opportunities. I still provided writing services along with consulting and marketing services to clients as co-owner of another company.

I've been writing for over 20 years. I've won awards from Poetry.com, self-published 5 books, helped others start blogs, performed live, and worked with some prestigious clients.

It's been awhile since I've focused solely on writing and I am excited to return to my place of passion. Since I will be exploring new adventures I'd love to take you along with me every step of the way!

Are you ready?

In Shay form