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2020...The Year of Vision

2020 was one hell of a year. At the start it was so full of promise and growth. I celebrated my birthday and a couple of weeks later went to Miami for SuperBowl. When I returned, work picked up and so did COVID-19. Everything I planned was quickly overshadowed by what the world was going through. I learned that I have a job that is essential to the continued operation of the United States. I learned how much I appreciate my peace. I learned how important it is to protect my energy. I realized how important quality, intentional, and meaningful time is to life.

2020 has been dubbed the year of vision for me. I've seen what it looks like to have time to move in purpose. I recognized how valuable intentions are. Many days I felt drained and overwhelmed. Some days I just wanted to take a break from everything. There was so many challenges that had to be faced and dealt with in order to move forward. I didn't know I was still healing from some painful past experiences. Enduring all of this showed me how valuable I am and how important healing is to living your best life.

2020 granted me the opportunity to receive apologies I never thought I would receive. I built relationships I didn't know would be built. I heard words I never thought I would hear. I saw things I could not imagine I would see. I found things I had no clue I was searching for or in need of. I've gained so much and grown a lot all while living through the craziness. I encourage you to look at the positives from 2020 and allow them to guide 2021. Be active in the village. Live in truth. Live on purpose with purpose.

Since 2020 was the year of VISION...I am dubbing 2021 the year of ACTION.

Let me know what you learned from 2020 and how you are getting active in 2021.



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