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A Rare Creation

God created man in His image and likeness. None of which are without human flaw. The flesh is what weakens the spirit. The spirit is what strengthens the flesh. When Eve was created from the rib of Adam they were united in spirit before their flesh ever met. They were connected one to the other. Trust was given because there was no reason for it to be questioned. Love was given because it was natural and there was no reason for it not to be real. Everyone in this life wants someone that they can count on, someone they are connected to, someone that loves them unconditionally.

Not everyone is willing to open the door when opportunity knocks. However, many will crack the window when temptation scratches. We allow ourselves to be taken for granted and mistreated by those that say that they love us but show us different. We were all created to be loved and God has a rare creation for us all. He wants the best for us. He wants happiness for us. He wants us to live with joy. He does not want us to be overlooked. He does not want us to suffer. He does not want us to be let down. God knew us before we were born and He knows our needs. He gives us a way out of every negative situation. He allowed us to endure so that we could be that much better for who He created us for.

Endurance increases patience. Patience increases understanding. When we believe that we deserve the best, we will no longer settle for mediocrity. When we realize that we are worth more than second string, we will no longer settle for it. Once we see that we are a prize that God wants to give to the person that has earned us, we will treat ourselves as a valuable instead of trash. We have to love God so much that the love He has for us can be received. We are His rare creations. Precious and priceless. We are gems of His heart and apples of His eye. Why should we be any less to a person that cannot provide a portion of what He can?


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