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Actions speak louder

Simply stating that you want to do something is irrelevant. In order for your goals to be accomplished you have to put your thoughts and desires into actions. Stating that you want to lose weight as you pile food on your plate and sit in front of the television will not assist you in reaching your goal. We make time for the things that are important to us.

Ponder that for a moment…what are you making time for?

Are you putting energy into a person that is avoiding you? Are you more concerned with things of a frivolous nature rather than things that are purposeful? How much of yourself have you neglected for the pleasure of others? What will it take for us to move forward?

We are equipped with the tools to be successful. We have to encourage and motivate ourselves at times. We have to step back and look at our actions and how they line up with our goals.  We have to choose success. We have to choose life. We have to choose progress. We have to choose to be important to ourselves. There is not a person that will love us more than we love ourselves. Some may come close. Some may beg to differ. How many will prove you wrong? 

Love you enough to not only want to change, but to put forth a real effort to change. You are great! You deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work. The first step to receive your reward is to do the work. 


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