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Afraid to disappoint

So many times we lean towards our understanding of what is planned for our lives. We focus not on what we are called to do but what we want to do. We pay close attention to the way we want our lives to be and what we feel our lives should look like. We do not pay attention to the things that are keeping us from being successful. We are vessels, not of our own but of the Lord’s. In order for us to be fulfilled we have to allow ourselves to be used in the way that we were created to be used. We have to close our mouths and allow our hearing to be heightened. We have to listen to the call that has been placed on our life and move forward towards that. We reach the pits and get swallowed by the ideas of disappointment. In reality, who are we afraid of disappointing? Is it our family? Our friends? Our thoughts? What is our focus? When we focus on the trees, we miss the forest. When we look for the half empty glass, we over look the glass that is half full. Everything is not for us to understand and we have to realize that we are not our own. We were created for a purpose. We were created to inspire. We were created to love. We were created to empower. We have to skills to make disappointment ashamed of itself. Instead of allowing the fear of disappointment to control our efforts.

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