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Allow the progression

My words find their way to the page without the need of direction or guidance. For some reason when they want to flow from my tongue to your ears they get caught up in the traffic of my mind. You were created for me…at least that is how I  feel. Your presence in my life is not a coincidence. It is a divine arrangement. Everything that I have been through has made me appreciate you more. God prepared me for you. He let me live through it so that I can live in His will. My heart has never been filled with so much love. I am connected to you. I feel your pain. I share your joy. I understand your uncertainty. I support your dreams. I desire your passion. I do not feel that God would allow us to get here to tear us apart.

At times I feel like we are fighting what God wants for us. As individuals, as friends, we are seeking God’s plan for our life. We are searching for His guidance. Since we were placed in each others lives…great things have happened. Together we are a force. We are a strong unit. I do not want you to feel like I don’t understand your mental space. I do. I respect your feelings. I understand. I understand more than you know because I have lived there too. I also understand that I was placed in your path for more than just a reason. I have a purpose. I am your new beginning.

Trust what you feel. Trust what you have learned. Trust what God has revealed to you. You are my catalyst. I was ready to move forward with my life alone. Before I met you, I gave up. I stopped looking. I felt like I gave in to the flesh and neglected the spirit. As soon as I did, it was gone. Everything I knew vanished. Your spirit met me first and took over. I could not understand why and how. You changed my life. God put something in you that I connect with. I am so glad that He loves me so much that He sent me you. This is the first time I have ever been in a situation like this.

God’s love through you has healed my broken heart. I am still a work in progress. I want to work the rest out with you. I know that your love is real. For that reason, I am not afraid anymore. I welcome all that you offer. I want you to let go of the fear and allow me to be what I was created to be for you. You are my best friend and with you, I am completely in love. You have my heart because God has given you the key. If it were up to me it would still be locked away. Instead of fighting with the past and dwelling on pain…simply allow the progression.


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