And here we are…

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone is doing well during this crazy time. I know that some of us are still working and trying to make the best of this stressful mess while others are trying to stay sane and stay inside. There are so many changes happening around us and many of us are just going through the motions to get to the next day. Whatever you got going on, I appreciate you for taking time to read this post. I’m just going to get you caught up on what has been going on since the last post.


This was my bounce back month. I mean…December did kind of kick me in the back of the knee and while I was already on crutches. January was a month of renewing. I was coming down from peak season at work and things were starting to lighten up a bit. I celebrated my 38th birthday which is always my favorite holiday of the year. My coworkers are super dope and came through with all types of party favors and decorations. This was the first time in a long time that I worked on my birthday and it was actually pretty cool. At the end of the month I took my first trip to Miami to volunteer for Super Bowl LIV. It was really cool and I met some really dope people and used the opportunity to network. Of course I found some delicious food to eat while I was there (I could do an entire post about food alone). The days were beautiful and full of sunshine. The people were friendly and welcoming. We ubered everywhere and our drivers were really nice. We had a great time overall.


The renewing just continued with February. After the Super Bowl I came home and went back to work. I finished paying off a few big bills and I was ready to start back focusing on my savings plan and rebuilding my business. Before I left for Miami, we started a new competition at work among the supervisors and I was named supervisor of the week the week I returned. The employees were so excited and happy for me when I walked on the floor with this big huge belt on displaying that I won. It was really cool to share that experience with them. The month was pretty cool for the most part. I still had some adjusting to do from peak season, self-employment, and motherhood. Before I knew it, I was contacted by a #homegirl to go to Miami for a business trip. Of course I will go back to Miami! It was so dope to go back and see the city in a different light. We were apart of an entrepreneur weekend celebration and it was wild. We met a LOT of people who do a little of everything. The pitch competition was really cool to watch and learn from. It was like a mini shark tank. I absorbed so much during this trip and I was able to connect with some wonderful women who showed me that I am not alone and I am throughly supported.


March was kind of weird because things were going in a great direction for me and a horrible direction for the world with COVID-19 going ham. Early on in March we were able to enjoy family and friends before everything started getting shut down. With all of the changes, people were still grinding hard from home. I came across a post and I responded to it and it ended up being a major opportunity for me…a spot on She Boss Talk‘s blog! During this time, brother came down for March Madness. Shortly after he landed they canceled all of the sporting events. It was crazy. Although he couldn’t do what he came here to do, he was able to spend time with family. It was so dope to see all 5 of my brothers at once. I haven’t seen them all together since I was really young. If my sister would have been there, we would have had all 7 of my dads kids in one place. The next day the kids and I drove to Georgia to surprise my daughter’s best friend for her birthday. When we got home we were planning on going to Detroit the following weekend to close out their spring break but things took a sharp turn and Detroit was on lock down and spring break was extended a week and a half. All of our plans were canceled and it started to get real. Nonetheless, we did celebrate Down syndrome Day and made the most of our new lives. I started cooking more and getting more rest. Work has been off because of two things…(1) one of my friends quit and he was like a little brother to me and (2) our company is considered essential and will stay open through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been pulled in a new direction with new requirements and it is daunting at times.

And here we are

Now we are looking at the possibility of kids staying out of school for the remainder of the school year. I homeschooled two of my kids before when I didn’t work and I would not have a problem doing it again but it is a whole new set of challenges trying to be mom, teacher, entrepreneur, and supervisor. We are making adjustments to our new normal as we see what adjustments need to be made. I am trying to keep some things fun and exciting even though they can’t really go anywhere or do too much. This past weekend we had a vision board party at home which is something the kids and I love doing together. Since we moved to Tennessee we haven’t done a lot of the stuff that we used to do on the regular. It was fun to break up the monotony and do something that we love to do. I have linked up with a few people who are interested in growing their business and changing their statistics so we are working together to help each other achieve our goals. I am more motivated to get things done than ever before. I realigned my chakras and it feels good. There is still some really awesome things in store and I can’t wait to share it with you. Especially this book I’m writing (or supposed to be writing) and releasing this fall entitled, From His Partner to His Prey…honey! Y’all stay tuned and stay home!




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