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Clearly Lost

A part of being a human being is seeking counsel. We look to others to give us advice on what we are doing. What we are considering and what we are already done with. We listen intently to those that are around us. We search their words to find what we need to make decisions. More times than not, we are seeking answers from those that are lost.How can someone lead us if they are in the back of the line?

We have to be sure to surround ourselves with people that have been where we are or where we are going. We cannot ask those that are confused for clarity. The quest for clarity includes a desire for guidance. We want to be sure we are moving in the right direction. We want decisions to be validated. We want our excuses to be acceptable. When we ask questions are we prepared for the answer?

The old folks used to say “be careful what you pray for”. That is very true. In addition, we need to be careful who we pray to. A lot of times we are not getting the guidance and the leadership we need because we are looking in the wrong places or overlooking those that are placed right in our view. We all have people strategically placed in our lives to help us. Do we use them?If we use them, do we listen with an effort to utilize?

There is a major difference between being clearly lost and being lost in clarity. It is simply referred to as a reality check. We have to accept our reality in order to lose the doubt. As long as the doubt dwells within us, we will not be able to hear clearly and move forward. When we allow doubt to reside in our minds, we block our ability to be effective. Learning how to listen is just as important as knowing who to listen to.


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