Dating is Dumb

Shayizms Dating is dumb

So lately I’ve been having more and more conversations about why dating is dumb to me. First of all…I hate dating…so let me start with that. I mean, I think it is stupid the way it currently works in today’s society. Mostly because people view dating as a title. They tend to act and react based on what they want from the other person rather than respond to the actual situation. Expectations are heightened and people feel like dating gives them certain rights and privileges to another person’s time, space, and energy. If you think about it, it’s actually really selfish.

This is how I’ve experienced dating in the past…

  1. Men come in with a certain set of thoughts and plans and they just expect me to go along with it or fall into what they have set up in their mind without sharing anything with me. (Bad idea)

  2. Men show their “representative” to me and hope that I fall so deep into the representative that when they reveal who they really are, I won’t leave. (I pick up on things quickly so…)

  3. Men say what they think I want to hear in an effort to get me to do what