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Deeply Genuine

There are times when we fall victim to our hearts. My heart tells me that I do not want to be here. I am reminded that I am worth more than what I am being offered. I am shown that my worth is overlooked more than it is valued. What do I do? Do I listen to my heart? Do I follow my mind and act out of haste?

I have such a caring and genuine heart that I allow things to affect me deeply. Sometimes I take on the pain of others. I do not dwell, but I do hurt. I shed the tears of those that do not have time to cry. I bleed the blood for those that are unable to bleed any more. I give so much for those that have nothing left to give. I love people and I want everyone to succeed.

I have so much to take into consideration when it comes to moving forward. I have three little people that depend on me. I have to be certain that I am doing what is best for all of us. They deserve the best and that is what I strive to give. Who is giving the best to me? If I am always looking out for others and thinking about the welfare of the world, where do I fit in? Who is caring for me?

There are people placed in our lives to help alleviate the blows of life. Some attempt to do so while others accomplish the task. Some act as if they are concerned with our well being just to benefit from our success. They want to stake a claim in our growth and take ownership of our progress. Those that are truly on our side do not seek glory or praise. They are merely  pleased with the smile that graces the face of those that they help.

I am thankful for those that are in my life for all the right reasons. I am thankful for those that seek to do harm to me, they increase my faith. I am thankful for those who decide to disappear, they increase my strength. I am thankful for those that are determined to destroy me, they increase my fight. I am thankful for all of the people that have been in, are in, and will be in my life. I will continue to use the experiences gained to my benefit. What was meant for evil by all of the nay-sayers, God meant for my good and that is why I am so thankful.

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