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Double Minded

Focus is something that many of us lack. We do not feel that something is wrong because we do not focus on one particular area of our life. The fact of the matter is that when we are driven by both the good and the bad, our focus is confused. When our minds are clouded by the positive and the negative we must give way to one…

When the angel and the devil are sitting on the same shoulder, how do we decide who to believe? In order for us to be who we are called to be we have to allow our truth to guide us. We that believe in the teachings of the Bible understand that we are not of this world. We know that there is a greater call on our lives.

We are clear that a double minded person is a foolish person. Their goals are merely ideas. Their aspirations are simply thoughts. Their dedication is to their ignorance. They do not seek to gain knowledge. Nor do they strive to choose a team because they would rather ride on the band wagon. God gave us the option to make choices. Not making a choice is still a choice.

Being double minded is a choice to live in disarray and confusion. It is a choice to go against God’s will. Coming down off the fence and landing on a side will allow us the opportunity to move forward if we chose the positive. If we choose the negative we will set ourselves up to fail. We are taught the differences between right and wrong from early on in life. We have to decide which path we are willing to travel.


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