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Exposed and Unbothered

Well…a few months back I did a nude photo shoot. I know…you sitting there like “wait, you did what?” Before you judge me…let me tell you how it came about.

I was on social media and one of the photographers on my page made a post about doing nude concept art and asked if anyone was willing to model. I was one of about 6 women who agreed to be a model for the shoot.

My friends were like, “OMG!, You’re brave!”. I didn’t think much of it. I mean, I’m not used to posing nude but it was something I was willing to try. I contacted the photographer and expressed my interest. He responded and set up a time to do the shoot.

I was nervous before I got to the studio. I had no idea what to expect. We talked about what we would do, poses to think about, and props to bring. I showed up and it was less stressful than I thought. It was very comfortable inside the studio. The vibe was dope. He played music and we got started. I went to the bathroom and stripped down to my bra and panties.

The shoot was moving along and I felt like I was in the studio with a friend just taking pictures. There was no structure to the shoot outside of having a good time. Then he gave slight direction on removing the rest of my clothes. Once I was naked I still felt just as comfortable as I did with my clothes on.

Time was the last point of focus. He was snapping and I was posing. We were both just vibing. I was in the early wave of ladies who decided to participate. I felt empowered and beautiful the entire shoot. Not beautiful like pretty but beautiful from the inside out. I felt so good I even encouraged a few of my friends to do s shoot. I told them that they can make it their own and embrace the moment. They all told me that I was a bit brave to do something so bold and they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it. They commended me for doing it and kept it moving.

When the pictures came out they were AMAZING!!! I was so proud of my photos. I loved them. Even the ones when my stomach was not at its best angle. It was a dope experience and the results were just as dope. Here are a few photos that are appropriate to share.

I would encourage anyone who is considering doing a nude shoot to do it! I would definitely do it again. I went home after my shoot feeling like I missed poses or didn’t use enough props. I looked at the ladies photos who did their shoot after me and I was blown away. I looked into some other poses and styles and concepts for nude art afterwards. The most intriguing of it all, in my opinion, is couples art. Some of the couples were even engaged in intercourse during their shoot. I think nude art is really cool and I may do more in the future.



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