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Faith in Fear

We often times run away from our reality because we are afraid of what the outcome could be. We don’t know the future, only God does. He reveals things to us so that we can live in the manner that He wants us to live. We are terrified to listen to God. We are running away from His revelations. We do so because once we accept the truth we have to live in it. Many of us would rather be miserable in a lie than to have peace in the truth. Why?

It is true that the truth hurts. But it only hurts after we have been fed a lie for so long. Many of us are afraid of change. We are worried about the outcome. When we move in faith we are not moving in sight. When we move in sight, we are moving away from faith. The desire to live in the overflow that has been promised to us is overshadowed by the fear of moving in faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for…A wise man once said that if you can see it, that ain’t it!

So why would you continue to hope for what you already have? Why would you doubt that your help is in the hills? On this journey we all have to know that faith is the basis, it is the foundation. If you believe, you can achieve. If you doubt, you will lose out. We are so quick to move on something that we want at first glance. Once we realize it is not what we thought, we are slow to move on. Heartbreaks are the result of us moving away from faith, and moving in fear.


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