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Halted love

Getting to know someone is a process. We never know what we are getting. We try to put up a wall to protect ourselves from being hurt. We often don’t realize that the walls we built to protect ourselves can actually be the walls that block us from what we need to see.

We try to look past the person and see who we want them to be instead of who they truly are. We ignore the signs that show us we are headed down a one way street with the hopes of it leading us to a two lane highway instead of a dead end. When we stop looking for things that we want we are blessed with exactly what we need.

It’s like a set of keys that are misplaced. We look everywhere and can’t find them. We are in such a rush to leave and do something that we should be avoiding that we miss the keys that are right in front of our face.

Once we accept that we are looking too hard to find something that is not really lost we get clarity. We are able to step away and allow things to find us. When we stop looking for love it walks right into our lives. We halt the love that is searching for us when we are consumed with trying to find it.


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