Healthy Addiction

You are an addict……………..You have an addiction…………………

Hearing the words addict or addiction puts one in defense mode. We automatically think that someone is telling us that we have an unhealthy dependency on or towards something. Is it possible to have a healthy addiction?

By definition, an addiction is something that forces dependency. Some synonyms for addiction include the obvious forms such as habit and problem. In addition to those are dedication to, devotion to, passion for, and love of.

Is it safe to say that one can be addicted to worship based on their dedication? Can one be labeled as an addict of education because of their devotion to it? Would it be fair to state that one is addicted to life based on their passion to live? Could a husband be addicted to his wife because of his undying love of her? A healthy addiction is possible of we choose to be addicts of the positive. If we live in the right, we lose count of the wrongs. Understanding how our words can change our minds will help us to change our words and strengthen our minds.

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