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How do I say I love you?

You came and swept me off my feet. I have never had anyone like you in my life. You are what I dreamed of as a child. Now that so many have come before you and distorted my view I cannot see you as I should.

I am afraid. I am nervous. I am exhausted! I am used to being alone. I am forced to be strong. I am more than most bargain for. I am complex. My life has not been an easy one. My choices have not been the best. When I love, I love hard. When I walk away, I don’t look back.

I have been shown the truth about many things, but I am still listening for truths about me. How do I control my emotions for you? How do I accept you? How do I say I love you? Can I love you from a distance? Can I love you the way that I want to? Do I have to love you in a way that you can handle? You stated that you love me…Now what?

I can’t love a little. I can’t love from afar. I can’t fight my love. I can’t expect your love to be the love I want. I can’t hold on to hopes of your love increasing. I can’t love you as a memory. How do I say I love you as more than just a friend, when you are not ready?


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