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It appears to be an epidemic of healthy alternatives recently. The fast food industry is making attempts to change their impact on obesity. More people are getting involved in sports, gym memberships have increased, and more people are conscious of their appearance. Is it because they seek to change how they look or change how they feel about how they look?

When I began to lose weight a few years ago, it was because I was no longer happy with the person that I was on the outside. As a result, my inner person suffered. I did not join a gym or eat the healthier options at fast food establishments. I changed my mind about who I wanted to be. Once my mind was changed, I began to work on my body. For me it was all about self perception.

In today’s society, it seems that most people are more concerned with how they are viewed by others. Those that view us are not the same people that support us. Some of the people that we seek to impress are not interested in our progress. Some of the changes that we make based on what the possible response will be will result in short lived changes. When we make changes for others, to please them and their desires for our life, we take our wants and needs out of the equation.

We can only be truly successful when we adjust our lives for our well-being. We cannot make others happy if we ourselves are miserable. We must learn to prioritize that which is important to us. We should be at the top of the list. Find you in your pursuit of happiness. The fad diets, false healthy alternatives, and make believe support systems will only contribute to failure. If you are seeking to make changes to your life, make the changes that will benefit you. Support you. Believe in you. Love you. Accept you. Be happy with you.

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