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It’s Been A Long Time

It has been a few years since I have focused solely on writing and I must say that I have truly missed it. Writing is my passion. I have always loved writing to express myself and share my thoughts. I gave up on writing a few times because it wasn’t yielding the type of return I wanted. I felt like I should have been much more successful than I was. For those reasons, I put writing aside and tried other things. I have sold everything from cars to food to candles. I have had my own in-home daycare. I have operated a stationary company. I created custom baskets and gifts for others. I have operated a writing company. I co-own a branding and marketing business. I started a non-profit. I became a youth life coach. I even worked in warehousing.

If only I knew that my love for writing was so strong earlier in life, I probably would have done things differently. Schooling would have been different. My career path would have likely been different. Ultimately, I would have a different life. Even when I was running my writing company I felt incomplete. I was doing what I loved but I was focused on the money and not on the joy. Since I wasn’t earning what I wanted to earn I was still looking for other things to supplement, not realizing that I was taking away from my gift. As a result, my business mind shifted and my business followed suit.

What’s different this time around?

I’m happy. I’m in a place of peace. I am clear on what I want to do and my goals line up with my gifts. I’m excited to share my thoughts and insights again. I am still getting contacted by people who supported previous businesses looking for my advice and help. That gives me power. It speaks volumes to me. The way I see it, I am relevant and valuable which is why I am being sought. It feels good to hear someone say that they are more confident about starting a book, beginning a blog, or starting a business after speaking with me. I am no longer just a consumer, I am reared as an expert.

I have accomplished a lot in the few years that I have been trying to figure things out. I have gained some necessary skills to help my writing career move forward successfully. I have lost some mental stress and gained some stable support. My network has changed and my net worth will make its adjustments when the time comes. As for now, I will just be awesome doing what I love and sharing my words with the world.

Enjoy the journey!