It’s Been A Long Time

It's been a long time

It has been a few years since I have focused solely on writing and I must say that I have truly missed it. Writing is my passion. I have always loved writing to express myself and share my thoughts. I gave up on writing a few times because it wasn’t yielding the type of return I wanted. I felt like I should have been much more successful than I was. For those reasons, I put writing aside and tried other things. I have sold everything from cars to food to candles. I have had my own in-home daycare. I have operated a stationary company. I created custom baskets and gifts for others. I have operated a writing company. I co-own a branding and marketing business. I started a non-profit. I became a youth life coach. I even worked in warehousing.

If only I knew that my love for writing was so strong earlier in life, I probably would have done things differently. Schooling would have been different. My career path would have likely been different. Ultimately, I would have a different life. Even when I was running my writing company I felt incomplete. I was doing what I loved but I was focused on the money and not on the joy. Since I wasn’t earning what I wanted to earn I was still looking for other things to supplement, not realizing that I was taking away from my gift. As a result, my business mind shifted and my business followed suit.

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