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Less is not always more

There are times when people test the good will and good nature of others. A person that is sweet, kind, gentle, giving, caring, loving, etc. often gets taken for granted and mistreated. It is so difficult to see these type of people treated in a manner that is less than what they deserve. I have been on the receiving end of poor treatment plenty of times. It is not a place that I like to be. I do not care to have my good deeds and good intentions misguided or misrepresented. Genuine people are so often made out to be less than that.

It frustrates me when people seek to take advantage of good people. There are so many women in the world that would love to have the father of their child or children play an active role in the lives of the child/children. Fathers are leaving mothers to do the work of both parents with no remorse. There are women that leave and force the father to play multiple roles in the child’s life as well. Either way, it is not what was intended for us.

Then you have women that seek to kill and destroy the men that are not interested in being in a relationship with the mother and the child simultaneously. The man can be a father to the child without being a lover to the woman. It is not fair to the children that we bring into this world to neglect their needs and their rights to have both parents. The parents do not need to be together to be great parents. It is ideal to have both in the household, but with today’s society that is not always the case nor is it always an option.

Doing good is an effort that goes unacknowledged and unrewarded more times than not. It is amazing to see people help one another with no expectation of reciprocity. Random acts of kindness change the day of the person that encounters it. Be influential in the lives of others by sharing the good. We must continue to live a life full of courtesy, respect, dignity, and genuine care for others. Once we lose that, we lose who we were made to be.

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