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Life’s Airport: Baggage Claim

We travel through life reaching milestones, learning lessons, gaining experience, and constantly moving towards something. Through our travels we gain and we lose. Every time we return from expedition we notice something different about ourselves. Our travels through the trenches teaches us endurance. Our vacations to paradise teaches us appreciation. Our trips down memory lane enlighten us. Our journey from childhood through adolescence to adulthood teaches us adaptation.

Every step we take in the voyage of life adds weight to our baggage. As we learn and grow, we have to know what to keep packed in our bags and what to leave at our destination. We have to discern between what is beneficial to us and what is blocking us from our full potential. Every so often we must look at our itinerary and make sure that we are on schedule.

Our baggage gets heavy at times with pain, hurt, humiliation, depression, anxiety, frustration, etc. We can decrease the weight of our baggage or we can pay extra to lug it around. No one knows what is in our bags. No one knows how what is in our bags affect us. No one knows how to make the bag we carry lighter for our personal travels. For this reason, we have to decide what is best for us…Would you rather pay extra for heavy bags full of things you don’t need or simply lighten your load?

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