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Love Slave

We allow our love to be sold to the highest bidder but we do not require the bidder to show us why they should receive our love. We assume that if they are willing to pay for it, they will value it. In all actuality, they appreciate it more when they have to work hard for it. We think that simply hearing the words mean more than seeing the actions. We are willing to commit ourselves to people that say that they love us but treat us like they hate us.

When someone comes along and treats us like we deserve to be treated, with love, we run. Our perception of what love is has been distorted. We fear real love but embrace tainted love. We push away genuine love but live in brutal love. We allow ourselves to be beaten for love. We stay after we have been broken for love. We are content in pain for love. But for the love of who?

It is not because we love ourselves. If that were the case, we would recognize the love spoken by the tongue of lust. Perfect love drives out fear. We should reevaluate our decisions to allow lust to blind us and block love from finding us. Your past decisions are now learning experiences. Your present opportunities will not move away unless you take the first step.

Do not be afraid to allow love to heal you. Do not hesitate to let love lead you. Do not procrastinate and miss the love that is in front of you. Fear is not love. Love is not fear. Realize and respect the difference. If you would lay down your life for the wrong, why not live in love with the right.

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