New Beginning

the real shayizms new beginning

I lost sight of my own gifts and talents because I was wrapped up in what everyone else was doing. I gave up on what I knew to be my calling to chase what I thought I saw in everyone else. I walked away from writing once again to try just about everything to produce income. The more I started to look at my situation I noticed something. Even though I thought I was taking a break from writing, I was incorporating it into everything I was doing. I blogged about my experiences as a rideshare driver. I wrote for my branding/marketing company. I continued to write for clients. I wrote for school. I also wrote for healing when things got too heavy for me.

I thought I was giving up on my calling but I was still connected to it. I was still taking courses, attending webinars, reviewing master classes, and making viable connections. I continued to watch the path of my life and I noticed how consistent writing really was in my life. It was more consistent than I was. I looked at the choices I’ve made in relation to writing over the years and concluded that I’ve neglected my writing more than I’ve nurtured it. I was always confident in my writing because I recognized that it was a gift years ago. However, I did not believe that I would have to work as hard as I will have to in order to be the writer that I want to be.

Part of that is because I just now have direction. For so long I was an aimless writer. Skilled in many areas of writing but masterin