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Pain is as pain does

Pain does not discriminate. It does not prefer a specific gender, it does not have a height or weight requirement, and there is no application to see if you qualify. Pain comes when we least expect it from the people that we least expect to inflict it. Just because we all experience pain, does not mean that our experiences are the same. With that being said, pain is a pre-cursor to healing. In order to feel better, we must know what feeling bad is like, otherwise there is no comparison.

Today has been full of pain for a few people in my close circle. It is a feeling that does not just go away and the situations that cause us pain are not things for us to just simply get over. Pain and painful situations are things that we must go through. We have to feel the pain of our decisions so that we learn from them. We also have to recognize our role in our pain. This is not to say that we cause our pain every time we go through it. It is to say that we made a decision at some point that affected our situation.

When we are hurt, many of us tend to hurt others. Some intentionally, others are a result of their current exposure to the situation. Lying is an effect of pain. We lie about things that hurt us so that we do not have to deal with it or feel the pain. That only stunts our growth. We have to be real with ourselves first before we can expect anyone else to be real and honest with us. The golden rule states that we should treat people how we want to be treated…treating ourselves well is where this begins.

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