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Painful Hatred

Masked by your role, your hatred grew. The you that suffers is the you we never knew. Your past has allowed your spirit to be damaged. Your lack of healing left you love challenged.

Everyone has a past, we know this to be true. But some attempt to understand how the now is affected by what they went through. Pain is a natural part of human life. But a mother’s love should never appear to her child as strife.

Prayers for your heart are what I send on your behalf. I await the day that my tears ignite from a laugh. You struck hard with the wounds of your past. I thank God in advance, cause this pain won’t last.

Honor and obey is different from respect and cherish. I pray for your breakthrough, before the hatred causes you to perish. The love for you has never ended but your actions have definitely slowed the flow. Learn to love God and yourself and let the rest of it go.


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