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Ready for me

Why do I love you so much? Why do I care the way that I do? My heart is flooded with emotions. Your voice is music to my ears. Your hands provide the sweetest embrace. I think about you more than I think about myself. I am falling for you despite my efforts to resist. I know that my feelings will not dictate your actions, if they did it would not be real. You are not ready for me…You are not ready.

My heart is open, my walls have come down. I need to step away. I need to move back. The more I see you, the more I want to see you. The more you touch me, the more I want to feel you. The more you share, the more I want to give. I love you for who you are. I am falling in love with all that you can be. But you are not ready for me… You are not ready.

You are always lifting me up. You give me a smile that last for hours. You found me when I was looking to be left alone. I am NOT interested in titles, labels, or specific statements about what we have. I know that I have you and that you have me. We are who we are. I tell myself that everything is not for me to understand. This falls into that category. You are not ready for me… You are not ready.

Your presence has changed my life. I believe that God sent you to heal my heart. My mouth tells the world that you are my friend. My spirit tells me it’s only the beginning. I appreciate your love. I accept your love. I am ready for your love. You are not ready for me… You are not ready.

Flowing from the pen are the words that were stuck in my throat. My mouth shut as my mind attempted to compose a statement. My eyes water as I attempt to break the silence. My heart flutters. I keep quiet to avoid the pain. I’m in love with my friend but you are not ready for me… You are not ready.


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