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Ready or Not

I am the planted seed. You are the soil. God is our sun and our actions supply the water. The seed has been broken and has begun to grow. What do I do? Should I allow this seed to grow?  Or should I remove it from the soil?

Funny thing about seeds…We are unaware of what they go through to reach the surface. When a seed is planted in rich soil it needs very little to grow. When the soil is not ready to nurture the seed, it can do more harm than good. The sun, the seed, and the water still do their part.

If that seed is ready to grow, it will survive and thrive despite the conditions surrounding it. We cannot control the growth of the seed. We cannot control how the sun will shine on it. We can, however, control the soil and the water.

Do you want to pluck the sprout or foster it? Do you want to enrich or deplete? I cannot fight the growth. I cannot hide the sprout. I cannot go against what is. I can only adjust my contribution.

The rocks in the soil and the imperfections in the seed. The warmth and guidance of the sun. The flow of the water. All parts are in place. All parts know their role. All parts must play their position. Growth is imminent….ready or not.


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