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Recipe for Love (Potion #9)

1 Man                                      A little compassion

1 Woman                                 A lot of strength

2 Beating hearts                      1 mustard seed of faith

A pinch of trust                       1 Heaping teaspoon of compatibility

A dash of emotion                  1 stick of pleasure

3 ½ cups of humor                  Hugs*

1 Lifetime                               Kisses*

Combine the man, the woman, and the beating hearts in a casual friendship. Let the friendship mature then add a pinch of trust and two cups of humor. Crack a few jokes to make sure the humor is fresh. Spread the trust between the man and the woman. When the trust has set in, sprinkle a dash of emotion over the combination. Also add the teaspoon of compatibility and a little compassion. Now the friendship should gradually grow into a relationship. Once the relationship has been established, add the rest of the humor. Times will get rough and the humor won’t help everything so add a lot of strength and the mustard seed of faith. Over time the man and the woman will grow, be sure that they have pleasure to enjoy the humor and a lifetime to make everything work. Once all the essential ingredients have been combined and the proper time has elapsed, love should be shared. Hugs and kisses are optional and can be added at any time in the recipe.

Serves: 2people or 1 couple

Prep time: Varies per couple


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