Rescued by my dreams

Getting lost in the thoughts of what could be, drowning in the sea of possibility. Crossing streets of confusion just to reach more uncertainty. I close my eyes. I relax my mind. I give in to my desire. I float away. My dreams begin. I see what I want past what I don’t have. I notice that my present does not have to be my future. I step over my failures and walk into my purpose. My dreams become visions. They no longer come only when I sleep. My passion to be me supersedes my concern for how you feel about me. My drive for happiness creeps down the highway of sorrow and moves towards the exit of hope. The visions are vivid. The visions are plain. The visions are the actions of the dreams. The dreams are the thoughts that started when I let go. My dreams rescued me from the statistic that you hoped I’d be.


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