Rewrite the Rules

What does it really mean to do something #likeagirl?…ponder that. There are some things that men are better at than women and vice versa. There are also some things that women can do that men cannot; and vice versa. After listening to former President Jimmy Carter present his thoughts on the treatment of women I was amazed and enraged. He spoke about the way that men have viewed women based on a misinterpretation of the Christian principles that our country was founded on. He references the many restrictions placed on women in the Bible and how men use that to control women in the church, the home, and the workplace. Men did not have to fight for the right to vote. Why would they? They already controlled EVERYTHING.

Men solidified their need in society by ensuring that, although women are typically smarter, women should make less so they can remain dependent IF they work. Many look to the scriptures that describe the man as the head and the woman as the submissive. If they really believed that they would pay close attention to the story of how woman was created. She was crafted in whole from a small piece of him. She was lifted from him and still connected to him. She was called to be a helpmate. She was given the duty to be fearless. She was tasked with being courageous. She was charged with being strong when she has no strength left. She was pulled from his side to stand by his side. None of that explains why for over 15 years women have made over 23% less money than their male counterparts for the same job. Nor does it describe the need for female genital mutilation. It baffles me that the men that made the “rules” looked at the Bible and completely disregarded the main focus.

God is love. Unity is in love. Peace is in love. Joy is in love.

Abuse is not in that. Mutilation does not belong there. Discrimination was not a part of the process. Woman was not created to be the footstool to man. For years women have had to fight. Unfortunately, we are still at war. Jimmy Carter mentioned that he feels that the mistreatment of women is the number one human nights issue in the world. He also pointed out that women are disrespected, sold, mistreated, and often disregarded more than men. This reality is harsh and offensive.

So…it is time to #rewritetherules.

Women have made great strides ove