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Sacred Garden

The Lord wants us to live in abundance. He provides all we need to do so. We have to be obedient to God’s will and He will keep us. Seek God First! – simply stated – We must understand that God has the final say. His plan for our life may not match ours, but His plan will exceed ours if we trust Him. His word is sent to heal us, to strengthen us, to guide us, to motivate us, to protect us, to flourish us, and to increase us. We are His garden. He allows us to encounter some weeds so that we have more faith in Him. He allows us to be bitten by a few bugs so that we lean on Him. He places others around us to encourage us through it all. Nevertheless, He is there. Watching us. Loving us. Tending to our every need. Once we have been planted in His garden, He is the only one than can remove us.


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