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Single and parenting

I am not sure if anyone has ever said that being a single parent is easy, but I am going to say it. Being a single parent is easy. It is easy to get stressed out. It is easy to get overwhelmed. It is easy to get lost in life as a single parent. Without kids in your life you do not really know the struggle that parents go through. The struggles are multiplied when there is only one person doing the work, taking on the responsibilities, and ensuring that everything gets handled. There are so many parents in the world that choose to disappear out of the lives of their children. For what reason? Do they feel like it will be better for the child(ren)? Do they feel that it will be better for themselves? Do they feel like it is the only option?

Only those people can answer those questions for why they chose not to be in their child’s life. I know why I choose to be in the lives of my children – main reason is because I gave birth to them. I was not alone in making them and that is where the team work ended. It is unfortunate that my children do not have what is considered to be a luxury, two parents that love and care for them. I know that this struggle is daily, however, I do not plan on letting this take over our lives. There is very little me and a lot of them. I do what I can to ensure their safety, security, and sanity. I know that they miss having both parents, I just pray that I can do a well enough job so that they will not miss it for long.

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