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Sounds From Inside

Finger tips grace my thighs

While gentle kisses sweep my waist

Strong hands guide my body into place

Waist lifted with the bed greeting my face

Sweet words fall into excited ears

And the depth of your body is embraced

Fully loaded with the best of you

Until my body explodes

Inundated with the pleasure

Until the tip of you unloads

We enjoy the blissful elevation

In each moment we explore our souls

We release the pressure of our passion

Because when we touch we lose control

As our bodies shift positions

My toes begin to stretch

My hands grab your hair

My nails give your back a scratch

You pull me closer when I run

And my breath is hard to catch

My eyes can’t help but roll

Because you’ve entered my body

But your feeding my soul

We escape to a place where only we exist

We lose sight of the time

While tongues explore where hands missed

We groove to pelvic strokes

Because the climax is what we can’t resist

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