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The Benefits of a Doubt

What do we gain by allowing doubt to overthrow our clear judgement?

We gain confusion because we blur the line between our reality and our desire. We gain sorrow because we give up our happiness to please someone else. We gain remorse because we believe the lie and dismiss the truth. We gain nothing worth having because we agree that doubt has benefits instead of recognizing the deficits of the situation. Doubt is what is in us to assist us in making clear decisions. It is what we should use to notice the difference between right and wrong.

We give doubt the power to change wrong into right and things that are right are made wrong. We defend people that hurt us and call it giving them “the benefit of the doubt”. We justify the negative by connecting it to the positive. Doubt is a self-check tool to help us use our best judgement. We hear “go with your gut”, “trust your first thought”, and “follow your first mind” so often when we seek help in the decision making process. How often do we hear someone advise us to “give in to the doubt”? To “allow the false to be true”? Or to “go against what you know to be right”?

We support our less than favorable decisions with the idea that we gave a situation the opportunity to prove that it was wrong instead of trusting what we knew about it. We have to hold ourselves accountable. We should not hide behind the deficits that are a result of second-guessing the wrong and mislabel them with praise as a benefit of doubt.


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