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The Cheers Effect

The other day I was driving around and thought to myself “Damn. My phone dry as hell!” Then I started thinking there must be a reason for that. I quickly reached a conclusion…. It’s me. I am not the “Hey how you doing, I’m Shay” type of person. I usually do not volunteer myself for random interactions, but I do enjoy meaning conversations. So if someone were to talk to me and spark my interest, we would talk for hours. Realizing this also brought something else to my attention…It makes a difference how someone knows you.

For example, if someone knows you from college they will have a different perception of you than someone who’s known you since grade school. What’s crazy is when we are young we take our friendships for granted. We don’t realize how dope it is to be able to grow up with someone. We ignore the importance of time and we expect people to always be there. Then when we get older and reality sets in that’s when we learn how valuable this early friendships were.

So while I was driving, I decided to call one of my homies from back in the day. When I tell you I immediately felt the energy and my mood shifted. It was such a beautiful feeling. That’s when I noticed that my daily conversations typically include people who know me now and I rarely speak to those who’ve known me most of my life. Now, of course I don’t talk to some people to keep my peace in check. Nevertheless, I truly miss constant, genuine interactions with people who know me, love me, care for me, and want the best for me.

It made sense, on this car ride, why people frequent specific places. It’s because they get the same type of feeling I got when I spoke with the homie. It’s a mix of joy, comfort, and fun. Even in the toughest times we all want to be welcomed into a space where everybody knows our name and they are always glad we came.

I said all of that to say this…

Value your friends.

Protect your peace and surround yourself with those who chose to do the same.

Until next time,



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