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The Complete Compliment

As humans we search for completion. We look for status to make us whole. We search for people to make us complete. We desire for things to make us into the person we want to be. When we trust God He will fill us. He will complete us. In addition to that He will send things and people to compliment us. He will send jobs to compliment our lifestyle. He will send gifts to us to enhance our calling. He will send people to reveal His love for us. So many times we get caught up looking for completion in man instead of accepting the compliments of God. I have been completely filled by God. He is seeing His work in me through to the end. He has complimented me with greatness. He has amazed me with His love. The gratitude is breath-taking. The best compliment reflecting His love was given to me. Presented as a gift. Six feet of chocolate. My eyes have been opened and my wall has been destroyed. He is God’s perfect compliment to me.


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