The “I told you so” blues

We reach out to others for guidance, clarity, and assistance. No one looks for the person they relied on for advice to tell them “I told you so”. We seek help for a reason…to help us deal with the current situation. When we ask for advice or guidance we look for an objective view. We go to people we trust. We confide in them and expect them to give us the best possible point of view. We look to them because we value their opinion and insight.

Just because we request help does not mean that we request a follow up with negation. sometimes we just want to hear alternate points of view on various issues. We are not obligated to follow any advice we are given. The advisor is not sought after to be the barer of bad news or to rub in the avoidance of good advice.

We dot not want to hear “I told you so”. It carries feelings of insecurity, incompetence, and frustration. To avoid this statement having a negative affect, we must be confident and comfortable in our decision making. No one should have the power to make us second guess our decisions. We should be secure enough in our own thoughts and our decision making process that we are unaffected by “I told you so”.

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