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The Promise of Change

A promise made on earth will often be broken. This is true because it is human nature to fall short at times. Sometimes we use our mouths to speak things that we know in our hearts we are not committed to completing. We will make a statement just to reduce tension, or to remove the glaring eye of judgement. I am so glad that the promises of God are real. All I have to do is live right and believe. He is an awesome God that will follow through on what He says. His promises hold more weight than anyone on earth. He has the power to change my life. Trusting in the promises of man will only change my attitude.

I know that God has placed greatness in us and He wants to see that greatness revealed to the world. It cannot be unveiled if we are constantly blocking it, if we are lying to ourselves and others, or if we are making empty promises. We have to live in our reality and not in our fantasy. God made promises to us with the intention to keep them. Not many of us can say that all the time. We have to be mindful that just as we look to God to keep His promises to us, those that we make promises to are looking to us for the same. I was told years ago not to start anything that I was not willing to keep up with. If you are not interested in being a constant let down to the people in your life that depend on you, do not make promises that you plan not to keep.


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