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The Truth About a Homewrecker

Using a basic breakdown to understand what a home wrecker is, the definition boils down to one that destroys the home. Often times this world is used to describe women that have been involved in affairs with married men. This is the case regardless of the woman’s marital status. Most people feel like that is justified.

Well, let’s take a closer look.

Once again a home wrecker is one that destroys the home. If a married woman engages in romantic, intimate, sexual or other affairs with someone other than her husband, she is indeed destroying her home. The same is true when it comes to married men. Men are just as capable of being “faithful” as women are. A marriage is not a competition nor is it a pastime.

When the vows are made “til death do us part” and forever is the destination, the focus is different. When one person decides that forever has been reached in certain areas of their life, things change. If that person decides to search outside of the marriage for a solution to a problem inside the marriage, they are setting up the path for pain to roll in. The person(s) that they bring inside their marriage cannot be held responsible for the destruction that originated from the one who is breaking the vow.

Granted, there is responsibility for actions regardless of role. If labels are to be used, they should be used appropriately. Approaching situations such as this require a level of truth that most would rather avoid. As mentioned every role has responsibility. So everyone involved contributed to the current or past situation that causes infidelity.

Blame resolves nothing. It only provides excuses and no closure or understanding.

Most women have intuition and know when things are different with their man. Men often need evidence. Women attempt to discuss and talk through things. Men typically would rather walk away and come back to a resolved issue. Women are more willing to forgive their man and stay in the relationship after he cheats. Men are not as forgiving as women for the most part. Women blame more. Men tend to hold grudges.

Overall, we understand and interact differently as people and as partners. When those vows are made, we know what we are walking into. The signs are often shown well before we commit. Once we commit it is harder to just walk away.

So we walk to another place. We walk into the search for peace, truth, and happiness.

At times that search turns up empty inside and outside is the next place we try. That is not the best method, but it is often the next step.

As situations change, so do feelings and we often act off feelings faster than anything else. Moving off the right feelings makes all the difference.

Living in the truth of the situation is not easy. Living in the lie is even harder. Living in lies leads to destruction.

That’s the truth about a home wrecker.

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