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The unconventional gift

We are never aware of why people come into our lives. We have no idea why we meet people. We are clueless to what the circumstances are surrounding our interactions. I have learned over the years that everything is not for us to understand. Although the lesson has been learned, I still have to take a refresher course every now and again.

There are times when I, being the analytical person that I am, attempt to figure things out. I try to gain clarity that is not there for me to see. I look around for answers to unasked questions. I have to remind myself that God works in mysterious ways and places people in our lives for our benefit. I have to remember that this is the moment that I am in and to enjoy it.

I have come across so many people in my lifetime. Some have rubbed me the wrong way and pushed themselves out of my life. Some have become staples in my growth and development. Some have memories in my life that will last forever. What ever their purpose, whatever their cause, whatever their goal I am grateful that I was able to move forward through it all.

Sometimes we do not know what we need until we receive it. I like gifts. They always come at the right time. They always bring a smile to the face of the recipient. When you are a person that is used to giving to others, it feels really good when there is someone that only wants to give to you. I am learning to accept the moment for what it is. I am learning to offer just enough and accept the gifts that come back to me in return. Happiness has been a distant friend for  some time and I am glad that we are becoming closer.

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