Toy Seed

The joys of parenthood are not the moments that everyone in this world look forward to. Nevertheless, everyone was given a gift in this world. Not all the gifts are the same. Many lack the ability to sing. Some are unable to act. and others are ill-suited to nurture. 

Then there are those that use their gifts for all the wrong reasons. They use their blessings to manipulate situations. They use their talents to seduce emotions. They abuse their substance. Doing things in this manner causes confusion. God is not one for confusion.

He did not give us gifts and blessings and talents so that we could use them for our own personal gain. He gave them to us because He saw something in us. Something that would be a pedestal to His light. Instead of using what He gave us, we misuse it.

He gave us love and we destroy it. He gave us peace and we corrupt it. He gave us joy and we abuse it. He gave us life and we……….

We live in our world and not in His. He planted a seed in us and gave us the sun and the water needed for it to grow. Instead of nurturing it, we treat it as a prop. A non-living thing. We cast down what should be lifted up. We break down what should be put together.

Knowing better is not enough. We must put our works with our faith. We have to make an effort to change how we interact. We are inclined to make a difference. We need to understand that breaking the spirit of the future is impossible, unless we toy with the seed today.


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