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Trust the Gut

We get put in situations at times that cause us to make decisions at the blink of an eye. In more favorable circumstances, we have moments to consider all factors prior to making a rash decision. Nonetheless we have to think about what we want and how it will affect us after the decision is made. During this integral process we encounter what we label as our gut feeling, intuition, or discernment. Regardless of what title it is given, it arrives to serve a purpose.

It is a gift given to us in order to help us make the best decisions for our lives. When we ignore it we often find ourselves in less than pleasant situations. When we listen, on the other hand, we are often rewarded with the blessing that was intended for us. We are allowed to travel into the cold, dark alleys of life to see how we conduct ourselves.

We encounter certain people to test our ability to recognize temptation and decipher the reasons from the seasons and the seasons from the lifetimes. When we submit to situations and allow others to make our decisions for us, we find ourselves hurt, upset, and having to endure the consequences.

We need to learn to trust what is placed in us. We must make decisions that will provide us with a strong shoulder to hold us up and a stepping stone to help us move forward. When we avoid the feeling that we get before we make a major decision it often leads to us tripping over that stumbling block and getting the short end of the stick. Trusting the gut is an instinct that encourages strength. Turning away from it allows us to become the victim.

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