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Waiting on Superman

Little boys idolize their heroes. Little girls admire theirs. Once they grow older, do those feelings fade? As time moves forward our idea of heroes are altered. Different people become the center of attention. The focus shifts in regard to personal desires, emotional needs, and physical wants.

Boys grow up searching for guidance on how to be the ideal man. They look to their heroes. They look to their role models. They look to their examples. They learn from what they see and what they experience. They strive to be a super man.

Girls grow up seeking advice on how to be the prize woman. They look to their idols. They look to their persons of interest. They follow their influences. They learn from what they endure and what they witness. They fight to be a super woman.

It is inevitable that the boy will find the girl and that he will become a man and she, a woman. Despite what nature contributes to their growth, they have different aspirations. They do not always follow the same rules and guidelines. They do not grow in the same direction. In building who they want to be, they are also learning more about who they want to be with.

They cannot accept someone into their life, let alone their heart, if they are not pursuing the same goals. Two cannot become one if the two do not blend. Striving and fighting to be super will lead to the natural desire of a match. A super man will want an equal; a super woman. The reciprocal holds true as well. One cannot expect what they are not willing to give. In searching for the super man or woman, one must be prepared to be the super that they desire.

Do not wait on something that you are not willing to give away.

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