Why Am I Single?

This question has become a common one for me lately as I have met and mixed with people. The question is often preceded by a compliment that typically includes, “you’re too ________ to be single”.I always give the same response….smile and shrug my shoulders.

In all honesty, I know the answer.

I’m single because I won’t settle. I won’t give in to the game. I am single because I chose to love myself more than I allow someone to tell me how much love I can get. I know my worth. I am approached by prospective mates to enter into relationships, but those relationships may not always be what is best for me.

I know that sounds like I am just being picky but it is more to it than that. I am not picky, I am selective. I make decisions, I do not typically jump to conclusions. I observe and I absorb. I learn from all experiences, including the experiences of others. I take my time. I think. I move how I am moved. I vibe and ride the wave. I don’t say more than I do.

I am single because I will not say yes just to say that I am taken. I am single because I am not willing to compromise who I am to say that I have someone else. I chose who I spend my time with. I make a choice to share myself. I am single because I love hard and I am not interested in being in a situation I know I should be out of.

I am honest. I have fun. I am single because I pay attention to the signs. I am not afraid to open up. I am not walking away from love, I’m walking towards my love, created for me. I am single because I know how much my heart can take.

I’m single because I’m right more than I’m wrong. I have a mission and everyone is not able to accompany me on my journey. I am not able to accompany me on my journey. I am not willing to put man above God. I’m single because I am me.

I am not willing to sacrifice my mind for my body. I am single because I can abstain. I can resist the urge. I am happy with who I am. I am complete. I am single because I am not looking. I am ready to give my love to the one that is built to handle it. My love is heavy. It is very easy to adore me.

I am more like one of the guys than one of the girls. I am single because I speak. I open my mouth and provide pleasure with words. I increase excitement. I encourage smiles. I give support. I understand. I’m respectful. I pay attention.

I am not afraid to say when I am hurting. I am gifted. I am single because I am not willing to stop being me to gain a he. My happiness does not depend on my relationship status. I am a proud mother and my happiness is immeasurable. My joy is always turnt up.

I get down but I don’t stay there. I want to be in a relationship that is hand-picked by God and designed by His hand. I don’t want a journey full of dead-end streets. I’m real. I’m a lover. I’m an optimist. I’m awesome and amazing. I’m extremely intelligent. I strive to live in truth. I strive to live in love.

I do not belive that when people ask me why am I single that this is the answer they expect. Many could hear the answer and still not understand. I know that people ask questions that they do not always want the answer to. I am not one of those people.

When I ask questions, it is for a purpose. I am seeking clarity, knowledge, and understanding. When I asked myself the same question, I thought about it. Why am I single?….

The answer came to me after I started listening to my conversations with others about relationships and what I am willing to accept. In those discussions I learned so much about myself.

I love me. I am happy with me.

So I guess from now on I will give the smile and shrug a rest and employ the following response: I’m with me 😉

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